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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  April 18, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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wrapped up moments ago. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning thank you for joining us tuesday, april 18th. i'm pam cook. >> and good morning i'm dave clark. let's talk about yoir weather and whether you'll need an -- your weather and whether or not you'll need an umbrella. steve paulson will take it. >> farther south santa cruz mountains san jose south there's a pretty good little system enhancing right off the monterey area. now do the north bay it's more low clouds. the higher cloud deck hadz moved off. so kind of that persistent drizzle. it missed oregon and hit us. 50s on the temps. low to mid. i think things are stuck. maybe a few 40s but a lot of low 50s in calastoga. the sun breaks are possible
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today. i think farther north better opportunity for that. you're dealing with the cloud cover. watch the development take place. there's a little jet max riding along that front providing some lift and enhancing that. monterey peninsula, maybe gilroy more so than anywhere else. 60s on the temps. kind of muggy and humid out there. 6:01 we've got a car fire and an off ramp. >> that's being taken care of. let's take a look at that now with our camera that we happen to have here. maybe a little bit of sluggish traffic coming around the berkley curve to the bay bridge toll plaza before you make it on to the bridge. southbound 101. brand new overturn vehicle reported on the way down it from millicent valley to the golden
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gate bridge. on the peninsula. report of on overturned vehicle on the right-hand side. it's slippery out there and we've had a couple of things where cars have lost control and ended up in trouble. 6:02 let's go back to the desk. happening now the city of san francisco is remembering the darkest day in its history. [ sirens ]. >> we've been showing you throughout mornings on 2 just about an hour ago city leaders and community activists gathered there. sounding the sirens as you hear. that was followed by a minute of silence to mark the 111th anniversary of the 1906 san francisco earthquake and fire. >> april 18th today no one knows when the next quake will come but san francisco is doomed to relive the horrific events of 1906 because the san andreas
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fault rests. but it might just strike as the city sleeps tonight. >> the 1906 earth quake and fire killed more than 3000 people. no more survivors from that day but relatives and history buffs still gather at laras fountain each year. >> we came out to celebrate the continued resilience of san francisco and show our support for the people who come before us and our current responders and city officials. >> this morning's events including mayor lee and giving an official code of paint to the only working fire hydrant in that day. president trump is traveling to a wisconsin factory today to change the h1b program that
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changes terms of bringing people from other countries to the u.s. to work. that order will direct federal departments to propose new rules for the h1b program to prevent immigration fraud and abuse. the rules will also strengthen requirements for american made products to be used in federal construction projects. later this morning facebook's f8 developers conference will begin. it's an event by some estimates will have an economic impact of $2 million for the san jose economy. ktvu's allie rasmus to tell us about it. >> good morning. it is a two day conference and tech analysts have already taken a look at the schedule of what technology will be introduced at this event. along with talking about those new technologies he's also expected to discuss how the social media giant is going to
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take on the issues of fake news and violent videos. now what is expected to facebook's improvement virtual and augmented reality features. there's also been talk of new ways to use instagram off line and possibly in a move to compete with snapchat. new camera filters features for facebook and instagram photos. >> for me i'm interested in camera services what facebook will like for more cameras. >> i'm interested in seeing all of it. the stuff that relates to what i do but also the stuff that's a little more out there but also the virtual reality stuff that they're working on. >> last year it was in san francisco. the facebook f8 conference has doubled in size in recent years. the number of international attendees has gone up by 10%. later this year the apple
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worldwide conference developers will also be coming to san jose. this is a sign that the city is establishing itself as the center of silicon valley. >> allie rasmus in our news room. vice president mike pence is in japan today. the second stop in his ten day asian trip. along with his wife and two daughters. most of the vice president's trips so far has involved reassuring its u.s. allies in the face of the threats of north korea. here's the latest from washington d.c.. >> president trump remains tight lipped on speveng strategy on north korea telling the rogue nation to behave. overnight vice president mike pence considers their alliance to asia.
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>> to you in prime minister and to all the people of japan we are with you 100%. >> the bt tells fox he doesn't want to telegraph what he's thinking. >> everybody's been outplayed be i this gentleman and we'll see what happens. >> still, the white house being pressed for more details about how the president plans to handle the ongoing threat. >> i think that the action he took in syria shows that when appropriate this president will take deceasive action. >> the trump administration should be wise not to announce it on twitter but i think you can go through back channels. >> also today hawaii is revamping its plans. they would have only 20 minutes to prepare for an attack.
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. well justice neil gorsuch was very active on his first day on the job yesterday. gorsuch asked several questions and even apologized for taking up so much time. legal experts say a case today promises to be an even bigger test of his judicial philosophy. on a side note as customary with the newest justice gorsuch is assigned some other tasks including getting coffee for the other justices. united airlines reporting strong first quarter erngings with a net income of nearly $100 million but executives acknowledge they still need to focus on improving customer service especially following that ugly incident last week. oscar munoz took time off to apologize once again for the forcible removal of a passenger. ch the doctor from kentucky was dragged off his feet to make room for united workers. he suffered a broken nose, a
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concussion and lost two feet in that scuffle. a search goes on for a man accused of trying to rape a woman sunday afternoon while she was jogging. it happened at a popular jogging area in northern sonoma county. coming up you'll hear from a jogger who heard about the attack and changed her plans to run alone. marrisson lamply and lyla al alagood and steven carter on a hiking trail in marin county. the two killings ahpd days apart in october of 2015. a third person sean angled will be sentence today 15 years to life in prindz. lamply and alagood could spend
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the rest of their lives in prison. a mountain lion broke into a family's home and took their dog as they were sleeping. >> as it was walking away i knew it was a lion and i knew it had to have got her that's why she stopped barking. >> well vicky folks says the mountain lion took the family's 15-pound dog early in the might. folk thinks that the mountain lion came through a door that was maybe left open. >> the mountain lion's a wild animal. it's a predator, it's a hunter, it's a mediator, it entered the room with intent to do that. for that reason we highly recommend people that when they're sleeping to not sleep with their doors open. >> the california department of fish and wild life responded and found some big paw prints outside the home.
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the family's devastated of course over losing their dog. they are grateful that none of the family members were hurt. time now 6:11. berkley police made in last weekend's violent protest. fights broke out between supporters and critics of president trump. at least 11 people were hurt. seven were treated in hospitals. three are from southern california. the charges include assault with a deadly weapon, battery, and committing a crime while wearing a mask. now to get more details on the arrest you can go to look for the story right there on the front page. it is 6:11 and we have been talking about him. considered armed and extremely dangerous. coming up at 6:30 how california is now joining in on the search to find that ohio man accused of
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picking a murder victim at random and then posting it on facebook. but first, the deadline's here folks. what you need to know if you still have not filed your taxes. >> well there's still some rain out there. it's a steady drizzle. heavier rain to the south and see if there's any break in this pattern coming up any time soon.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. 6:14 is the time and the tax
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deadline is finally here. three days of the typical april 15th deadline. you can file online. but if it you need to head to the post office you will have less time. ktvu's jana katsuyama tells us what you need to know if you haven't filed. >> it's a task that john ory can now check off his list. >> like a load off my back. it's good to get it done. >> his taxes are done one day early and at this walnut creek post office. >> i have a small business so, you know, it's enormously complicated. i wish they would simplify the taksz code. >> i don't have time to do it tomorrow so i figure i better get it in today. pop it in the mail. >> this year filers have three extra days because april 15th landed on a weekend and landed on a holiday. louis roth is a veteran tax
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preparer who says he does about 400 returns a year and said the date change caught many people off guard a lot of people come engine who didn't have appointments who suddenly realize oops i better do something because tomorrow's the last day. >> for those who need help many businesses will be open until 11:59 today. >> i'm happy. >> the united way bay area provides free tax help with people with incomes below $54,000 a year if they call 211. >> we can help people who prepare taxes. >> and if you just aren't ready don't worry. >> if you don't have your stuff together. if have you documents that are missing. mile an extension, take off the pressure. then you you get until october 15th to file. >> remember an extension to file doesn't mean an extension to pay and the form still needs to get in the mail on time.
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>> i filed an extension and even that's stressful because that has to be done on time or you can get a penalty. >> jana katsuyama ktvu fox 2 news. now for a list of the post offices that are open late you can head to and click on web links. sal, what is happening on the roads? >> yeah, we do have a lot of problems. a lot of people have been driving too fast. people lewandowskiing control of their vehicles. the latest crash doesn't look like we can see it because of the weather but you can see traffic is going to be busy in the area. we're also looking you can see maybe there is something up there. we've had a lot of cars that have slipped off the roadway or run into walls that kind of thing and that's because of the wet roads and people are not, you know, sometimes people drive too fast for the conditions
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here. chp's on the way to whatever that is there. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. southbound 101 salsalido. traffic is a little bit slow in the area. northbound 288. just use a lot of caution today on the roads. 6:18. let's bring steve in with today's weather. kind of a dreary look there, sal. we do have a lot of cloud cover. fog, drizzle. there will be a few breaks i think today but this looks very similar to what we had yesterday. some of the higher clouds are more towards the south and not over the north bay. look at all that fog. i mean humidity's about 100% for some and that keeps going. the heavier presip will be saturday towards santa cruz mountains. a lot of that fog and low cloud deck in there and we are looking at cool conditions speaking of
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the santa cruz mountains. wet, cool, calm, 50 degrees. a steady 24-hour drizzle. a steady drizzle produced 3/4" up at occidental. then it lets up. there's still light drizzle just underneath that. some deeper moisture beginning to move on shore. this is associated with another system that's enhancing a little bit to the west southwest. that looks to be about the focus here. north of that there's more of a low cloud deck. so you probably bl get a few breaks in that. to the south no way. there's going to be a lot of cloud cover. some steady rain. maybe even some moderate rain and you see some of those moving in to the monterey peninsula. that looks to be the area where it's going to take the most of
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it. we'll be just to the south of santa cruz. 50s on the temps. low to mid. there's really not much of a change here. livermore's 52. 34 up in truckee. last check it was our off and on rain. there are some areas where it's turned over. but the only observations everyone's saying drizzle or light rain. that includes mamoth. a little bit of a jet stream enhancement is taking place. you're getting some lift developing. it's right up along monterey. after that then we'll start to get a little bit of a break. 60s on the temps. and if you can get that sun to get through that low cloud deck near 70 for some. we're at 66 yesterday with all the cloud cover. after thursday it clears out.
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friday into the weekend it does look much better and warmer. >> pam said okay. >> that sounds great. i need some sun after a little bit. i did have some sun on vacation but it's nice to have it at home. >> not now you don't. 6:21 is the time right now. an auction for a good cause. what an oakland city council woman is hoping to raise money for. ♪
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 6:24. happening today a real thrill from nasa. at 8:11 this morning. this atlas 5 rocket will blast off to take supplies to the international space station. special cameras are just 300 feet from the rocket. it will give you a full and complete look at that launch. well a new breast cancer study has some alarming results when it comes to women from asia. the new findings relesioned by the fremont based cancer institute of california shows breast cancer rates have been going up among asian americans over the last 15 years.
6:25 am
at the same time rates have plateaued or gone down for some other racial groups. researchers say the increases suggests a need for higher rates of mammogram screenings for asian women. oakland city council woman rebecca kaplan is donating two tickets to tomorrow's blazer/warrior game. at that acheland apartment building. four people were killed in the fire on san pablo avenue on march 27th and dozens of others are now homeless. investigators believe a candle set off that fire. tonight the san jose sharks play the edmundson oilers. a loss is not going to eliminate the team but the sharks do not want to go down three games to 1 as they head back to edmundton.
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sharks offense definitely need to kick in. our time is 6:25. a bay area teacher was arrested. we'll tell you the charges she was already facing when police in ben etia found out about an inappropriate relationship. >> deputies are still searching for an attempted rapest. >> good morning. traffic is going to be okay if you are driving in most areas. live look at oakland here traffic is moving well. >> foggy, drizzly, drippy, dreary, yucky, that's the forecast. any improvement? yes, but not for a couple of days.
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you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. ♪ [ music ] ♪ ♪ could you be loved ♪ a little bob marley. >> nice. >> we have sunshine on a cloudy day. and wet roads. looking at the traffic moving around the bay area with some bob marley. it will get you through don't worry. we're back here with mornings on 2. it is tuesday i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook.
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that's some good music to get you there because it can be slow for people out there. >> that looked like june gloom. >> yeah it did. >> there's a lot of that out there. >> or february. >> i didn't see the sun yesterday i don't know if you did. if you did it probably didn't last long. there's still another system that has to come in here. there will be a few breaks in those clouds today he says there will be a few breaks in those clouds. i think we have a computer issue. i'll tell you in a second. it's a fog. there it is. now we're good. okay. chris hemsley says steady drizzle here in occidental. 90" of rain and we'll take a close up look of good old occy
6:31 am
there. now the higher cloud deck has moved off but underneath it there is drizzle. although i do think you'll get some breaks in the south not from the north. some enhancements taking place. and you can see already beginning to pick up towards monterey peninsula and that will continue today. that looks to be the heaviest. 50s on the temps. about the golden gate over. there's still going to be low clouds and higher clouds. one more system is on the way for tomorrow and then after that we'll see improving conditions. 60s on the temps. all right; sal, i see a lot of drizzle out there, wet highways are you seeing that? >> yes i am. and you know tuesday's one of the hardest days of the week. it's not quite monday. you don't have the glow.
6:32 am
but wednesday you start. but today's going to be a tough commute day i'm afraid because of all the wet weather. doesn't take much. we've had a lot of cars that have lost control and hit things unfortunately. now 80 westbound you can see traffic is moderate. there was an earlier accident at gillman. but we've added@least a handful of solo vehicle accidents. people slipping out and getting into trouble. we've had slow traffic in some areas. you can see traffic is going to be busy here in lafayette. we're also looking at the bay bridge toll plaza nearby and that traffic is moderate getting into san francisco. so that doesn't look like it's raining now but it's still wet on the ground and southbound 101 at spencer they're clearing an overturned vehicle and traffic is backing up as you start heading up the hill to the
6:33 am
golden gate bridge. 6:32. let's go back to the desk. >> okay. sal. in sonoma county sheriff's deputies are accused of trying to rape a woman on sunday. near the sonoma overlook trail. ktvu's lee martinez you're at the trail now and i understand police patrols are increasing. >> that's right. this is a popular trail for joggers although we haven't seen any this morning and it might have something to do with these notes we need right up on the trails. that is from the sonoma county sheriff's department warning people about the attack. this happened sunday afternoon. the woman says she was running through the trail when a stranger yelled at her and then violently attacked her. the alleged victim says the man came up from behind, knocked her to the ground, punched her several times and then tried to
6:34 am
rape her. news of the attempted rape along the trail disturbed locals who used the trail often. >> sonoma's a really nice city and it doesn't happen very often. >> a came here and parked and a gentleman told me about the incident and it completely changed my mind about heading up for a hike. >> the attacker described as white man in his 50s with a white bushy beard wearing a black zip up hoodeded sweatshirt and additional information shows he appears to have been homeless. now the woman was treated and released at the hop. sheriff's deputies have been warning people about this possible attacker so far he has not been located. >> lee martinez in sonoma county. police across the country are searching for an ohio man
6:35 am
accused of committing murder and posting video of it on facebook. reporter peter ducey has the latest from cleveland. >> there is now a $50,000 reward for the man police alleged morphed from a social worker and because police aren't 74-year-old robert godwin's murder or if steven ever stops driving their man hunt has expanded. and as investigators span out, the victim's family is here offering stevens forgiveness for allegedly killing their defensive father picking up cans on the streets for fun. >> i just want him to know that god loves him. we love him.
6:36 am
>> this is the car stevens is believed to still be driving in. and while facebook is changing their policies so they can yank videos. there has been a steady stream of social media posting by people claiming to have seen stevens. nothing has panned out. the last place stevens was pinpointed was the crime scene where this 911 call was made. >> oh, lord have mercy. oh, my god. >> help is already on the way. >> now are you with the patient now? >> no i'm not with the patient. it's across the street look i heard a gunshot. >> stevens claimed on facebook to have killed 13 people and while investigators only have evidence that he killed one person they are still in a big
6:37 am
hurry to find him. in cleveland peter ducey fox news. >> well the search to find steve stevens stretches all the way here to california. we want to show you a billboard that was put up there in las angeles. this is with the phone number that people should call when they see him. well a high school teacher in benetia was arrested accused of having sex with a 17-year-old student. police started to investigate miss lane earlier this month after a 17-year-old student was seen leafing the campus several times. that student told investigators he was going to lane's car. they found edible marijuana and also stolen property. and police say during the investigation they found out about that inappropriate relationship. meantime former san francisco 49er's defensive end
6:38 am
ray mcdonald will not face sexual assault charges stemming from an incident in 2014 at his home. the santa clara d.a.'s office released a statement saying the alleged victim is now refusing to testify. as a result the decision charges against mcdonald will be dropped. senator diane finestein faced an angry crowd for the first time since president trump took office. some people in the crowd accused her of not doing enough to stand up to the president. now finestein fielded a wide range of questions. there were some loud boos from the audience when she did not exlicitly oppose the u.s.
6:39 am
missile strikes in syria. >> this new president has taken a step and that step was to send a number of tomahawk missiles into an airport where planes left to drop the gas. >> now the 83-year-old senator has not said if she will run for re-election next year. there are new calls for change surrounding the use of military tactics by police in berkley. a coalition called stop urban shield was front and center at the event. urban shield is a federally funded program held each year in the bay area. berkley city council member says the program is about teaching police military skills. >> authorization of our police department needs to chaen. we need friendly police that are
6:40 am
deescalating situations. >> the berkley city council set to discuss the withdraw at a meeting next week. time is now 6:40. happening today a state senate committee. the goal is to make the bail system fair for the poor who often can't afford to pay bail. the plan calls for a judge to determine who is possible dangerous and deny them bail. anyone else will be released on their own recognizance as they await trial. it has generated controversy because some of the released individuals committed similar crimes. well the state senate approved almost a billion dollars in road and train projects across california. the money was part of a deal
6:41 am
involving governor brown. it includes (40) 000-0000 to extended ace train from san jose to santa clara. >> today the san jose city council will be talking about a possible solution for no cause evictions. they say they won't eat until something is done to keep renters from being evicted without reason. but city leaders plan an opt-in approach where people can file a complaint with the city. time is 6:41. facebook's big developer conference starts today in a new home. the economic impact for downtown san jose and why 134 say this shows the strength of silicon valley. >> but first, unclaimed cash. up next, we're going to tell you about the bay area county trying to spread the word that it has money to give away. >> it's wet out there.
6:42 am
a lot of people have gotten into some crashes because of the wet roads. not bad heading out to the high-rise. >> there will be some sun breaks today but there will also be more drizzle, rain, and fog from santa cruz mountains.
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6:44 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 6:44. the santa clara county reaching
6:45 am
out to people to give them money that could be owed to them. the funds come from things like fines, penalty assessments and fees. >> we've tried in every possible way to contact the people to whom the money is due. in some cases they haven't kept their contact information up to date so we're not able to trace them. >> if you'd like to see if you're on the list go to look for santa clara unclaimed money. with more rain coming our way local water districts are preparing for all the run off for when the sierra snow pack starts to run off. it's more than 150% of normal. the san francisco public utilities commission is releasing water from the dam at a rate of more than 16,000 gallons per second. >> during the drought we had
6:46 am
snow pack levels that were 50% of normal. 60% of normal. today it's at 160% of normal. so there's going to be a long period 078 time releasing that water. >> now the water releasing normally starts tapering off in may. run off could be diverted into other run off. now there is a side benefit. the run off from the release of water you've got dot additional amount of hydro electric energy that's been generating to power things like muni buses. san francisco's minimum wage is causing restaurants to go out of business. that's according to a new study by the harvard business school. it's due to go up to $15 next
6:47 am
year. they are 14% more likely to fail than the five star restaurants. that study also found that the higher minimum wage caused fewer restaurants to open. the oakland raiders began their off season program yesterday. all the big names were there including defensive star calio mack. as you can imagine the players were also canned about the potential move to las vegas. >> it's not going to effect our coaches. the people it effects the most is our families. the people it affects the most are our fans here. i think that's the hardest part. >> construction of the raider's
6:48 am
$1.9 billion stadium in las vegas is scheduled to be complete for the 2020 season. our time is 6:47. let's check in with gasia and see what's coming up in the next hour. >> san jose state campus police. one man is suing the university in federal court over an incident that he says left him bloodied and knocked unconscious. more of what the man who's suing says what happened and what they have to say. >> also star wars fans are sal sal salivating about the new star wars land. they also get a chance to pilot the millennium falcon. these stories and much more when i join you in just a few minutes
6:49 am
pam and dave. >> you are a big star wars fans. >> yes. 6:48 is the time. sal's covering traffic. >> are you all ready for may 4th then? >> yeah, may the 4th be with you. >> and then christmas time is the next star wars. >> good. well good let's go out and take a look at what we have now at the bay bridge toll plaza. there is a backup. things have dried up a little bit and the amount of crashes we've seen has lessened a little bit. no problems as you drive on to the bridge. here's a look the toll plaza you can see it's not bad. 880 northbound in front of the coliseum is looking good. we have moderate traffic heading out to the peninsula with no major problems. traffic is still slow as you head past the area.
6:50 am
6:49. let's bring steve in with today's forecast. >> sal, i have a road hazard that thankfully you don't have to report. i'm guessing this is from florida. but she really isn't moving. how do you know it's a she? that's a little too close for comfort right there. and then flavor says well now that i've seen that i don't have to sweat a little light drizzle on my morning commute. we do have a lot of drizzle and a lot of fog and it just keeps going and going. i do think there will be some breaks to the north. now you're dealing more of a low cloud deck. that should burn off late afternoon. as we head towards the peninsula and then the santa cruz mountains and san jose south much deeper mois xur and it is actually enhancing. jet max will come in and enhance
6:51 am
that so it gives us a little lift. and you can see also towards morgan hill there's pretty low cells increasing there. then over to salinas and holster. there could be some moderate bursts there. a lot of fog. drizzle being reported. it's been rain up in the mountains so far. you can see it has turned over. but most of the reports coming in are a light rain. maybe some light snow. slushy snow. for us you can see it about the line. it's about the golden gate over to vallejo, benitia south. i think we even get some thunderstorms. you can see the enhancement right there in the last few frames. it is favoring areas to the south. tomorrow's system. yes, there will be one more. this won't drag across.
6:52 am
so we have two little separate forecasts here. 60 to near 70. so much moisture in the air. it clears on thursday and the weekend looks much better with more sunshine and some warmer temps. >> i'm looking forward to tropical feeling. that sounds good. a new crack down on bart. up next how much the transit agency plans to spend to catch people who don't pay their fare share.
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have assembled. so, what's the plan? breaking out the guardians, pal. celebrate the summer of heroes, only at disneyland resort. hero up!
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welcome back. oakland mayor libby shaf getting a jump on the competition by announcing she will be running for re-election. mayor shaf still has 19 months in her current term but tells us why she's starting her re-election bid. >> i want voters to be very clear. i am in this for the long haul. >> now at this point there are no other candidates who have announced that they are running. >> time now 6:55. bart engineers hope magnets will solve a mysterious power surge for dozens of bart rail cars on the far end of the pittsburgh
6:56 am
bay park line. engineers have traced the problem to metal dust on the track. to take away that dust. now bart and the city of concord broke ground on a new project to connect riders with concord's city senator. it's a new walkway. it will run about a half mile between the concord bart station. bart riders we talked to had mixed feelings about this $6.5 million project. >> we would absolutely use it. >> put more money in the bart trains. they're really in bad shape a lot of them. >> now the project is expected to be finished by the summer of 2018. bart is also looking at new
6:57 am
ways to stop people from cheating. bart says it loses between $15 and $25 million a year. they are focusing on the new bart stations in downtown san francisco. also emergency gates won't be so easy to open. a bart agent would open them using a remote control and bart would hire more inspectors to check tickets. >> there are people who will follow behind very closely. >> it will cost about $3 million for bart's anti-cheating plan. the plan could begin this summer. a new marin to sonoma smart train has not carried it its passengers yet. they say they are being awakened by loud horns late at night and early in the morning.
6:58 am
relief may be coming. >> the sonoma marin smart train should begin passenger sometime in june. for now testing of the trains and support system continues. at each and every intersection. >> it's been very annoying. i live on the west side. it's very loud inside my home i can hear it and it's just very loud and i've heard a lot of residents complain about it. >> on wednesday the city of poid warned surntly currently novato. >> when they give us a more definitive date which looks like it will be early summer that would be when we would file our
6:59 am
final paper work with the fra. >> then smart would be subject to all the quiet zones with exceptions of emergency situation where whistling would be permitted. >> smart would respect the quiet zones through novato. >> some residents in notify and san rafael want their cities to follow petaluma's lead to impose quiet zones right now. some petalumaens would be okay with waiting for the passenger service. >> yes i'm okay with waiting. i know they're testing and they do it for safety. >> that's why whistle advocates tell me that a smart train that this will file a flurry of complaints with the federal railroad administration asking the smart train be fined and that it cease and desist from
7:00 am
whistling. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk more about the weather. steve paulson is right here. >> a lot of fog. a lot of drizzle. >> yeah. >> keeps going here. we have another system tomorrow. that one will take more aim towards the north. this one is taking aim towards santa cruz mountains, san jose. above that there are breaks. you should


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